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Cross the Bridge for Life was initiated in 2005 by two former pregnancy care directors from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The idea was to form a Greater Cincinnati Life Coalition to have a positive, family friendly event to:
1) inspire those involved in the pro-life movement and be a witness to the sanctity of life; 2) inform the public of the many life-affirming services in the area for women, children, and families; and 3) To fill the Purple People Bridge with the joy of life!  


Formerly beginning at the World Peace Bell in Newport, the event has grown so large that we now begin at the Festival Park Riverboat Row, Newport Riverfront area – to the left of the bridge -  with the walk across the Purple People Bridge to the Sawyer Point side in Cincinnati and back to the festival grounds for additional festivities, including food, face painting and more. Some 20 Greater Cincinnati life-affirming organizations are united in this event. Over 35 sponsors underwrite it. 

While the event is conducted under the auspices of the Diocese of Covington and Archdiocese of Cincinnati, a Steering Committee was formed in 2016 with representatives from various pro-life agencies and organizations from both sides of the river.

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